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  • Should my child enrol in a group or one-to-one session?
    Both the group sessions and one-to-one sessions are a great option – it really depends on your child’s needs, and what you would like out of their tuition lessons. Group sessions focus on the Holistic Learning curriculum, and has up to 5 students per session. This is a great opportunity for your child to receive quality teacher time, whilst interacting and problem solving with other students. One-to-one sessions are catered specifically to your child’s individual needs, with the curriculum set based on parental/student preference. If you would like your child’s tuition lessons to be focussed on supporting them with homework and assignments they may be finding challenging at school, then a one-to-one option will be best suited for this.
  • How many sessions does my child attend per week?
    Most of our students attend one session per week. We have multiple session timings available per year level, so if you would like your child to attend more than one session per week, they are welcome to do so, however extra charges per session will apply.
  • What happens if my child misses a lesson?
    At Holistic Learning we run on a fee based system. As your child’s space is reserved in their allocated class time, if a lesson is missed, there are unfortunately no refunds. However, arrangements can be made to attend another session during the week at the discretion of Holistic Learning and subject to class availability.
  • How long is a term?
    The duration of a term varies from term to term
  • Who teaches my child?
    All of our teachers at Holistic Learning are tertiary qualified, and are either NZ registered teachers, or have experience in teaching in New Zealand or abroad.
  • Will my child receive homework?
    On most occasions, your child will receive homework, unless you prefer your child not to. Homework is marked by the designated teacher, so parents are not required to mark homework.
  • Are classes aligned to the NZ curriculum?
    Yes. Our classes are designed to support your child with what they are/will be learning at school.
  • My child is having trouble with their school homework. Can this be part of their programme?
    Our group sessions are based on the Holistic Learning curriculum, so do not cater to homework and assignment help for our primary students. This is slightly different for our high-school students who are sitting assessments for NCEA and Cambridge, where the teacher will cater the curriculum to the assessments the student is working towards at school. However all resources will be provided by Holistic Learning, so students will not be able to complete school based homework/assignments during their group session. If you prefer your child’s tuition lessons to be catered more towards homework and assignment help, then our one-to-one classes are a great option for this.
  • How long will my child need tutoring for?
    We believe that learning is an ongoing process, and that best results take time. Our curriculum is based on a long-term study programme, to build your child’s fundamental skills required to excel. We encourage you to come and speak with one of our qualified teachers to further discuss your child’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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