Holistic Learning offers English tuition for students in Years 1 to 11.



Our primary curriculum (Years 1 to 8) focusses on the following key areas:

- Reading

- Writing

- Spelling

- Comprehension

- Grammar


This is achieved through both phonemics and whole language learning techniques.

Our Secondary curriculum (Year 9 onwards) focusses on developing the key skills required for students to succeed in NCEA and Cambridge assessment standards. The following key areas are:

- Essay writing (formal writing, creative writing, persuasive writing)

- Drawing inferences (from unfamiliar texts, poetry and plays)

- Literacy skills (vocabulary, spelling and comprehension)

- Oral skills (through construction and delivery of oral texts)

Address: 137A May Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland 

Phone: 022 450 3656

Email: holistic.learning.nz@gmail.com

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