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Art Classes

Primary Art Classes (Year 1 - 6)


Our primary art classes focus on developing artistic skills and other critical skills through arts and crafts. These critical skills include creativity, problem-solving, self-awareness, communication, focus and motor skills, which support confidence, self-esteem and the overall well-being of your child.

Secondary Art Classes (Year 7 - 13)


Our secondary art classes focus on developing complex artistic skills through the use of different mediums. A key focus of the curriculum is supporting a deeper understanding of art forms, through the creation of thoughtfully planned individual art works.

Art & Well-Being

We currently provide Art & Well-Being classes for people of all ages. Our art and well-being classes combine principles of artistic, psychological and cognitive development, to provide art classes that focus on developing critical skills through the exploration of art forms and mediums. Our Art & Well-Being classes are on a one-to-one basis only, or group classes can be arranged for multiple people interested in enrolling together. 

Corporate & Special Events

We provide fun and interactive art workshops for corporate events and other occasions. Please contact us for more information.


Our Students Artwork

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